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Vitamin D Society

The Vitamin D Society is a Canadian non-profit group organized to:

• Increase awareness of the many health conditions strongly linked to vitamin D deficiency.
• Encourage all Canadians to be proactive in protecting their health and have their vitamin D blood levels tested annually.
• Fund valuable vitamin D research.

Their vision to to significantly improve the health of Canadians through the preventative health strategy of maintaining optimum vitamin D blood levels.

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Tanning Truth is a public information site dedicated to teaching a responsible, balanced and effective message about sun care. Sunlight is free - the sun has no public relations firm tauting its many benefits. And because $35 billion is made annually by parties who use "sunscare" tactics - overstating the risks of sun exposure while ignoring the benefits - it's more important than ever for the public to hear the full story. That's the charge of

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Tanning Resources

Helpful Links on Vitamin D

Tanning Truth
Vitamin D Society
Sunlight, Nutrition And Health Research Center
Sunlight Robbery: Health benefits of sunlight are denied by current public health policy in the UK (PDF)
Dr. Joe Prendergast on Vitamin D (Video)
The Vitamin D Cure (Video)
Vitamin D is Awesome For Cancer (Video)

Books on UV Light

• The UV Advantage by Michael F. Holick
• Solar Power for Optimal Health! By Dr. Marc Sorenson
• The Healing Sun by Richard Hobday
• Sunlight Robbery by Oliver Gilles
• The Sun and the "Epidemic" of Melanoma: Myth on Myth by A.Bernard Ackerman, M.D.

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