Sunless Tanning


Please check with your local Palm Beach Mega Tan, as not all equipment is at every location.

The latest in UV free, Sunless Spray, technology, at many PBMT locations. Check for availability at the location nearest you.


HD Technology adds heat to your tanning experience, plus an added full body drying feature during the application process. Heating conditions the skin for maximum absorption and provides a more inviting experience for consumers.

Heat - Optimizes the absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan.
Drying - Leaves your skin soft and smooth immediately after the session.
Heat - Improves the customer's overral experience with an inviting environment.
Drying - Accelerates the DHA development and improves the application process.

HD Technology = High Definition Sunless Results



Mystic Tan - Original Booth

The Mystic Tan is a UV-Free spray tan that takes less than 30 seconds, with colour lasting approximately 5-7 days. Customers should prepare their skin before taking a Mystic session by showering and exfoliating, concentrating on any rough or dry areas of skin. It is advised NOT to apply any oil-based moisturizers or creams the day of a Mystic Tan session, as these will prevent the DHA from absorbing into the skin evenly. However, it IS recommended that customers use a moisturizer with aloe or water-based ingredients to moisturize any dry skin the customer may have. The Mystic Tan may not develop properly on dry skin, which is why we recommend a Step 3 Tan Extender to all customers to use before a Mystic session.

1. DHA is designed to work with the proteins in the top layer of skin to form a golden brown tan colour. Once applied, DHA takes approximately 2-3 hours to begin developing on the skin, with peak colour within 24 hours. The colour will gradually fade within 5-7 days. To maintain optimal results and colour, moisturize thoroughly every day, and avoid hot tubs, pools, long baths or showers.

2. Insta-Color Bronzer is a water-soluble, brown-tinted dye that produces a tanned appearance instantly. The Insta-colour bronzer washes off in the shower or bath, without affecting your overall Mystic Tan results.

3. Aloe is part of the Mystic Solution because of it's natural moisturizing benefits, which help the DHA penetrate into the skin and promote a softer, smoother finish. Results from the Mystic Tan may vary according to skin type, how the skin was prepared and how directions were followed.

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