UV Equipment

Palm Beach Mega Tan tanning salons feature state of the art tanning beds and stand up tanning booths. Please check with your local Palm Beach Mega Tan, as not all equipment is at every location.


A luxurious tanning experience in a non-claustrophobic tanning unit. Designed for all tanners, at any stage of their tanning process. The Sunboard is a high pressure unit, emitting mostly UVA light with a small percentage of UVB. There is minimal risk of over exposure.



Mega 2

This 56 lamp VHR Super tanning bed, with 160 watt lamps and 400-800 watt facial and shoulder tanners, is designed for those who already have a great tan and are looking to get darker. With a contoured acrylic and air conditioning throughout the entire bed, this unit is one of the most powerful and luxurious beds Palm Beach Mega Tan offers.




Our "Black Megas" are one of the most powerful units we house at Palm Beach Mega Tan. There are 2 types of Mega beds - those with 46 lamps and 6 facials, and those with 46 lamps and 4 facials. Serious tanners only please - discussion with a Tanning Consultant is vital!



Super 3 Booth

This 50 lamp VHR unit (160 watt lamps) is designed for the serious tanner who wants colour fast, with no tan lines ! An extremely powerful unit, whereby exposure time should be discussed with a Tanning Consultant.



Super 2 Bed

With 38 lamps and 2 facials, this roomy super sun bed is designed for those who wish to have a little more space and power in their session. Two facials, incorporated into this sun bed provide extra power to the facial area.



Super 1 Bed

This 32 lamp all metal, no facial, sun bed is designed for all skin types and is great for the beginner or serious tanners to develop and maintain a superb tan.

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