Income & Investment

The cost to open a Palm Beach Mega Tan salon can often be less expensive than opening a salon as an independent operator. We offer a turn-key operation that includes the following:

• Assistance and advice with lease negotiations
• Certification training for all staff
• Total build-out of salon, including computer systems with sales codes and product inventory codes
• Comprehensive on-the-job training at a Palm Beach Mega Tan salon before you open your salon
• Operating Manuals
• Six volume Training Manuals and extensive reference materials
• Hotline to your Area Representative
• Upscale literature created with Palm Beach Mega Tan's own models
• Discount on your tanning equipment purchases
• Discount and ongoing discounts on product purchases
• Marketing to help bring new customers to your door, and keep existing customers coming back

The cost to open a Palm Beach Mega Tan salon will vary, depending on the number of tanning beds and the extent of renovations and construction work involved.

Cost can range from $160,000 to $300,000; however, a rough estimate for a salon with sixteen tanning rooms would be around $250,000 - $270,000. Amount and type of tanning equipment will play a significant part in these costs.

The new franchisee will need $20,000 for the initial franchise fee, plus approximately $60,000 in unencumbered cash and must be able to raise the balance of the financing from personal or traditional bank financing. There may currently be government assisted loans available in certain areas. Up to 90% of the approved cost to open is often available to applicants.

Leasing may also be an option to consider.

Earning Potential:

The success of your Palm Beach Mega Tan salon is dependent on many variables; the most prominent being the amount of effort you invest in building your client base.

Contact us today and set up a consultation with a representative to discuss specific details.

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