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Belleville, Ontario

In the Spring of 2001, we began to investigate the possibility of opening our own small indoor tanning salon in the Trenton and Belleville region. In the course of educating ourselves on the products and equipment available on the market, we were sent by a distributor to see the layout of the Palm Beach Mega Tan salon in Oshawa. Needless to say, we were very impressed and overwhelmed at the same time. We couldn't believe that something of this magnitude could possibly be within our financial or managerial means. Then we met the owners, Marie and Harry Jones. They educated us on the true potential of indoor tanning, and introduced us to their very successful system that had been developed through extensive experience within the industry.

We opened our first Palm Beach Mega Tan franchise in Belleville, Ontario in February 2002, and it has been even more successful than we had imagined. The support we received from training our employees to product education, to implementing the corporate systems, was impressive. We have had a smooth transition from "would be" salon owners to successful and knowledgeable owners.

The system that Palm Beach Mega Tan has developed really is different, and really does work! In just five short months, we have built a client base of over 3,000 and exceeded all financial projections to date. The financial rewards have been so great that we are currently negotiating for a second franchise, with the full confidence that it too will have the success of the first.

I would just like to finish by thanking both Harry and Marie Jones for all their support. Palm Beach Mega Tan has changed our lives in ways not measurable in just financial terms. It has allowed us freedom we would not otherwise have if we were not self-employed.

David and Dianna Sutton
Palm Beach Mega Tan
366 North Front Street
Belleville, Ontario

Peterborough, Ontario

My business partner, Tammy and I had the pleasure of meeting with Harry and Marie Jones in April 2002. We were intrigued by their business as Tammy was a happy client of Palm Beach Mega Tan in Belleville, Ontario. We had often discussed how pleasant the Palm Beach experience was, with great beds, no appointments, late hours, reasonable prices and so clean and professional! Very different from anything either of us had experienced before in tanning.

When the time came to meet with Harry and Marie, and visit Oshawa and their other Corporately owned salons, we were sold! Our journey had begun and Harry and Marie were with us every step of the way. Their expertise in the tanning industry, business contacts, and overall knowledge of construction proved invaluable for us.

With their business plan and financial contacts, we were able to obtain financing and realize our dream of owning our own salon. From the construction phase, through to corporate training, they were there to patiently guide and assist us. We opened our salon on November 30, 2002 in Peterborough, and we have been overwhelmed with the response from the public! We have far surpassed our financial plan, and all of our greatest expectations, and to say we are thrilled is an understatement!

We thank you Harry and Marie for your honesty, integrity and knowledge, and we are very proud to be a part of your growing "Palm Beach Family"!

Yours truly,
Debbie Foley and Tammy Potvin
Palm Beach Mega Tan
864 Chemong Road
Peterborough, Ontario

FOR FRANCHISE INFORMATION CONTACT: info@palmbeachmegatan.com or call 905-434-8168 or toll free 1-877-778-8773


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